Maxell CR2016 Coin Cell Batteries | 5 Pack

Item Codes:
DL2016, CR2016, 2016, KCR2016, 280-202, 280-204, 280-206
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Maxell CR2016 Coin Cell Batteries, provided in a convenient 5 Pack, are essential for those who rely on small electronic devices. These coin cell batteries are crafted to deliver long-lasting, reliable power in a compact form factor, making them suitable for a wide range of applications. Whether used in personal gadgets or professional equipment, their consistent performance and longevity make them a preferred choice. Ideal for items requiring a sustained power supply without the bulk, these batteries offer a practical solution for maintaining the effectiveness of your devices. The 5 Pack is especially useful for those who need to replace batteries less frequently but demand the assurance of energy efficiency and durability.

  • Compact Energy: Small in size but big on power, perfect for miniature devices.
  • Reliable Performance: Trusted by users for consistent energy delivery.
  • Longevity: Designed for extended use, reducing the frequency of battery replacements.
  • Broad Compatibility: Suitable for a wide range of electronic devices.
  • Convenient Packaging: Easy to store and carry, a 5 pack offers flexibility and readiness.

In an industrial context, the convenience of having coin cell batteries like Maxell CR2016 Coin Cell batteries is paramount. Devices such as security keypads, remote sensors, and specialized medical equipment often rely on these types of batteries to function effectively. The CR2016's ability to power critical components in safety equipment, like gas leak monitors, is particularly valued. These applications benefit from the battery's consistent output and longevity, ensuring that devices remain operational for extended periods. For businesses that utilize small electronic devices regularly, the 5 pack provides a practical quantity that can be easily managed within their supply chain, minimizing downtime and maintaining productivity. The 3-volt CR2016 batteries are thus an essential part of the power solutions in various industrial applications, offering reliability in a compact form.

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Commodity/Tariff Code - 85065030

Country of Origin -Japan (JP)


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CR2016 Batteries
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Diameter: 20mm Height: 1.6mm
Item Codes:
DL2016, CR2016, 2016, KCR2016, 280-202, 280-204, 280-206
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Electronics > Electronics Accessories > Power > Batteries
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Electronics > Electronics Accessories > Power > Batteries
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