Rayovac 10 Yellow Hearing Aid Batteries

Rayovac produces top-quality hearing aid batteries, especially suitable for the most modern and high-performance devices. Under the colour compatibility system introduced by the manufacturers and battery producers, yellow hearing aid batteries correspond to size 10.
The Rayovac hearing aid battery range makes full use of active core technology to provide power on demand, long-lasting performance and excellent durability. Typical current capacity is 91mA/h and nominal potential 1.4 Volts. Each yellow (size 10) cell lasts up to an impressive 120 hours in use and measures 5.8 millimetres in diameter with a height of 3.6 millimetres.
Rayovac size 10 (yellow) hearing aid batteries feature zinc-air technology. As oxygen in ambient air circulates through the small casing apertures, the cell chemistry reacts gently to generate safe, low voltage power. Notably, the plastic seal maintains the battery charge while in storage at room temperature.

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