Rayovac 13 Orange Hearing Aid Batteries

When your size 13 hearing aid needs a replacement battery, order Rayovac orange cells for swift despatch from our stock and delivery directly to you. Small and coin-shaped, Rayovac Extra orange batteries are for in-ear and behind-ear aids.
Rayovac orange hearing aid batteries equate to size 13 under the universal colour coding. Supplied in a sealed pack containing six new cells with tabs for ease of handling, this product is sometimes known by codes ZA13, PR48 and 7000ZD. The nominal potential is 1.4 Volts and maximum capacity 280 mA/h. Each cell has an estimated service life of 120 hours in regular use.
Rayovac 13 (orange) hearing aid batteries are mercury-free for user safety and minimal environmental impact. They employ zinc-air technology and atmospheric oxygen to generate low voltage electricity in a safe, controlled reaction. It is important not to remove their plastic seal until ready for usage.

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