Rayovac 312 Brown Hearing Aid Batteries

Rayovac 312 Brown Hearing Aid Batteries measure 7.9 millimetres in diameter and 3.6 millimetres in height. The nominal potential is 1.4 Volts, while maximum capacity is 160mA/h.
Manufactured with a zinc-air battery formulation, Rayovac brown hearing aid cells use a mild reaction between air and zinc electrolyte to power the device. Rayovac, a respected manufacturer, boasts a long-lasting formula that ensures consistent performance quality throughout the service life of these tiny cells.
Rayovac has more than five decades of experience in producing replacement batteries for hearing aids. Continuous investment and improvements mean that this top quality range delivers reliable power.
For easy handling, the battery features long tabs. The manufacturer-recommended maximum operating temperature range is between minus 30°C and 80° Centigrade. Store at room temperature without removing the plastic seal until usage. Excessive heat can shorten the shelf life and refrigeration is not advisable.

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