Rayovac 675 Blue Hearing Aid Batteries

Designed for cochlear implants and modern hearing amplifiers, Rayovac 675 blue hearing aid batteries last up to 250 hours in use. Also suitable for wireless, Bluetooth and MFI (made for Apple iPhone and iPad) devices, these 1.4 Volt Rayovac batteries have an impressive maximum capacity of 600mA/h.
Button-shaped, each cell measures 11.6 millimetres in diameter by 5.4 millimetres in height. The intuitive compatibility coding system indicates that if your hearing aid system uses blue batteries, Rayovac 675 cells are the long-lasting replacement you require.
As this type of battery features zinc-air chemistry, storage at room temperature is advisable. Once opened by removing the plastic seal, a safe and gentle reaction starts generating low-voltage current to power the miniature amplifier.
Blue Rayovac 675 hearing aid batteries are mercury-free, for minimal environmental impact.

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