Varta Super Heavy Duty

Designed for low-drain appliances such as alarm clocks, wall clocks and remote controls as well as occasional use in cycle lamps and flashlights, the Varta Varta Super Heavy Duty range of batteries is affordable and reliable. Other everyday applications include older types of electronic scales, in addition to specific medical equipment.
Varta Super Heavy Duty cells feature zinc carbon (ZnC) battery chemistry and are available in all the popular sizes. Best suited to modest current demands, Varta Varta Super Heavy Duty cells are cost-effective and deliver dependable energy.
Select the Varta Varta Super Heavy Duty battery size you require here for swift despatch from stock, direct to your home or office. Supplied in sealed packs, new Varta Super Heavy Duty cells represent excellent value for portable power. These Varta batteries are for single use and safe disposal as per the manufacturer’s recommendations.

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