CR1620 Coin Cells

The CR1620 battery has a capacity of 70mAh and an instant short-circuit current of 200mA. The dimensions of the battery are 16mm X 2mm with a weight of 1.3g. The standard service output for CR1620 coin cell batteries is 175h.

This battery has a continuous discharge with load output of 7.5k. Coin cell batteries typically have very low discharge rates, allowing them to be stored for as many as ten years, while losing very little charge. With their long shelf life and small size, they are easily stored to allow for a supply for all of your devices that use this size of battery. They are also known as L08, CR1620 (IEC name) or DL1620 batteries. These batteries have an ANSI/NEDA name of 5009LC.



The CR1620 battery is made with lithium (Lithium Manganese Dioxide) chemistry with 3.0 volts power. This battery has a typical capacity of 75–78mAh and a measurement of 16mm in diameter and 2mm in height. It has a flat battery terminal with a high energy density.

The battery operates in temperatures ranging from -20C to 60 C. It has a reliable long performance and thirty percent more powerful than the average alkaline battery. In addition, The 1620 battery is free from mercury and other toxic metals such as lead and cadmium.