Maxell CR1620 Coin Cell Battery | 1 Pack

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DL1620, 1620, CR1620, ECR1620, L08, DL1620, 5009LC, 208-208,
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The Maxell CR1620 Coin Cell Battery is an essential power solution for organizations within manufacturing, services, and facilities management sectors. This battery combines streamlined architecture with potent energy delivery, ensuring that electronic devices function with the utmost efficiency and dependability. Designed for applications requiring a diminutive yet forceful power source, the Maxell CR1620 promotes uninterrupted business processes, leading to increased productivity and enhanced operational efficacy.

Key Features:

  • Reliable Energy Supply: The Maxell CR1620 is renowned for its stable and consistent power output, crucial for devices that depend on a continuous energy supply for prolonged durations.
  • Slim, High-Capacity Design: Offering a powerful energy solution in a compact form, this battery allows for the innovation of devices that are both space-conscious and energetically efficient.
  • Exceptional Temperature Resilience: Able to function effectively across a broad temperature range from -20°C to +70°C, it guarantees optimal device performance in varying environmental conditions.
  • Superior Leakage Resistance: Manufactured using the latest advancements in battery technology, the Maxell CR1620 ensures exceptional leakage protection, thereby safeguarding devices and enhancing their longevity.
  • Extensive Device Compatibility: Identified alternatively as DL1620, ECR1620, and BR1620, this battery is tailored for seamless use across a diverse range of devices, easing maintenance and replacement efforts.
  • Optimized Dimensions and Weight: With a 16mm diameter, 2.0mm height, and a weight of approximately 1.1 grams, the CR1620 perfectly embodies the ideal blend of compactness and energy efficiency.


The Maxell CR1620 Coin Cell Battery is engineered to energize a comprehensive selection of devices, integral to the smooth functioning of contemporary businesses:

  • Wearable Electronics: Powers a variety of wearable devices such as fitness trackers, electronic wristbands, and smart accessories that require compact, dependable energy sources.
  • Healthcare Monitoring Tools: Ideal for small healthcare devices, including wearable sensors, digital pill reminders, and compact diagnostic tools.
  • Vehicle Remote Systems: Crucial for powering electronic vehicle keys, garage door openers, and other small automotive electronics where consistent power is vital.
  • Office and Personal Devices: Powers an array of small office gadgets and personal devices, including electronic badges, mini calculators, and portable data storage devices.
  • Entertainment and Recreation Electronics: Essential for electronic toys, portable gaming systems, and novelty LED lighting, enhancing leisure and recreational activities.

The Maxell CR1620 Coin Cell Battery stands as a cornerstone for businesses striving to maintain the effective and reliable operation of their electronic devices. Its ability to power a vast range of applications, from advanced wearable electronics to critical healthcare monitoring tools, underscores its versatility and essential role in ensuring operational continuity. With its long-lasting power output, adaptability to diverse temperatures, unparalleled leakage protection, and the perfect marriage of minimal size with maximum energy output, the Maxell CR1620 is a strategic investment for businesses seeking to enhance device efficiency and minimize the frequency of battery replacements, thereby effectively controlling operational expenses.

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Commodity/Tariff Code - 85065030

Country of Origin -Japan (JP)


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CR1620 Batteries
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Diameter: 16mm Height: 2mm
Item Codes:
DL1620, 1620, CR1620, ECR1620, L08, DL1620, 5009LC, 208-208,
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