Xtar XP Series Chargers

The flagship of the Xtar XP range, the Panzer XP4 lithium-ion battery recharger delivers fast charging at 1.0 Amp for four channels. Thus, this intelligent charger charges up to four 2,600mA/h Li-ion cells in just three hours. Alternatively, using the intuitive controls, it is possible to select currents of 0.25A or 0.5A independently for each port.
During use, reverse polarity and short circuit protection keep batteries safe. Charging stops automatically when the cycle is complete, or if overheating occurs.
The Panzer XP4 unit charges all popular Li-ion battery sizes and pairs of 22650/25500/26650 (3.6V/3.7V) cells, as well as size AAA, AA and A Ni-MH standard rechargeable batteries. For the latter, an optional discharge function eliminates the battery memory effect.
Usefully, there is also a USB output socket. For convenience, the built-in LCD backlight can be disabled – or set to dim after two minutes.

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