Duracell DL1616 CR1616 Lithium Coin Cell Battery | 1 Pack

Item Codes:
CR1616, L28, DL1616, BR1616, 1616
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Duracell DL1616 CR1616 Lithium Coin Cell Battery, encased in a 1 pack, powers essential devices with the reliability and performance expected from a leading battery brand. This 3V lithium coin cell is engineered for long-lasting use and is tailored to fit a variety of electronics that require a compact energy source. This coin cell is a staple for those who need a reliable and consistent power source in devices where battery changes are infrequent but vital.

Key Features:

  • Optimal 3V Output: Specifically engineered to deliver a steady and reliable power supply.
  • Single-Pack Configuration: Ideal for those who need just one high-quality battery for their device.
  • Compact Form Factor: The slim design is perfect for devices requiring a small battery footprint.
  • Duracell Quality: A commitment to excellence ensures these batteries meet high-performance standards.
  • Widespread Compatibility: Designed for use in a wide range of small electronic devices.

Specific Uses:

  • PC Motherboards: Maintains settings and keeps the clock running in PCs and laptops.
  • LED Running Lights: Provides power for LED safety lights used by runners and cyclists.
  • Electronic Bookmarks: Keeps innovative electronic bookmarks functioning for avid readers.
  • Small Remote Controls: Powers slim remote controls for car audio systems and various multimedia devices.
  • Children's Interactive Books: Brings sound and light to life in children's interactive storybooks.
  • Handheld Electronic Devices: Ensures continued operation for handheld electronic devices used in daily activities.
  • Alternative Code: CR1616, ECR1616, BR1616, KL1616

Opting for the Duracell DL1616 CR1616 Lithium Coin Cell Battery allows consumers to maintain the performance of specialized devices with a compact and potent power source. With a voltage of 3V, this coin cell is adept at providing the energy necessary for a host of small electronics, from the critical functions of a PC motherboard to the interactive enjoyment of children's books. The single-pack option is a nod to Duracell's understanding of consumer needs, ensuring that you have the right amount of power when it's needed, without surplus.

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Export Information

Commodity/Tariff Code - 85065030

Country of Origin -Indonesia (ID)


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CR1616 Batteries
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Diameter: 16mm Height: 1.6mm
Item Codes:
CR1616, L28, DL1616, BR1616, 1616
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Electronics > Electronics Accessories > Power > Batteries
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Electronics > Electronics Accessories > Power > Batteries
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