LS14500 Batteries

The LS14500 battery is a non-rechargeable primary lithium battery with a very high capacity. With a AA-size case, but more than double the output voltage of a standard AA battery, it is intended for special applications.

Common applications for these cells include remote, unattended electronic devices, toll gates, memory backup, utility meters, tactical flashlights and military equipment

Do not attempt to put this battery into devices requiring a standard AA battery. They will more than likely be damaged.



Typically, these batteries are of lithium/thionyl chloride construction, which not only gives them extremely high energy density, but provides stable operation in extreme temperatures - often from -60°C to +85°C. These cells have negligible self-discharge characteristics, giving them a shelf life of up to 10 years. Typical capacities are in the 2600-2700mAh range.

These batteries are an ideal power source for devices that may see infrequent maintenance visits, operate in extreme conditions or demand high current output intermittently over long periods of time. Because of the long storage life, several replacements can be stored on-site. As a relatively safely disposable power source, they are ideal for remote operations.