Saft LS14500 Li-SOCI2 3.6V AA Battery | 1 Pack

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LS14500, CR14500, LSG14500, 14500
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The Saft LS14500 Li-SOCI2 3.6V AA Battery is tailored for devices requiring high energy density and longevity. The single AA lithium battery offers a dependable power source for critical applications such as security systems, medical devices, and industrial automation. Its high voltage and capacity ensure that equipment functions effectively over long periods, reducing the frequency of battery changes and maintenance downtime, which is vital for operations where consistency and reliability are crucial.

  • High Energy Density: Ideal for long-term usage in devices requiring a compact power source.
  • Precise Power Supply: Delivers steady voltage suitable for high-end electronics and precision instruments.
  • Extended Long Life Span: Designed to last, ensuring optimal device functionality over extended periods.
  • Broad Temperature Range: Operates effectively in environments from -60°C to +85°C.
  • AA Form Factor: Common size for easy integration into standard battery compartments.

The Saft LS14500 battery is an industry-grade power cell that delivers 3.6 volts, making it ideal for a multitude of high-demand applications. Its lithium thionyl chloride composition excels in memory backup systems within financial trading floors where data integrity is crucial, and in GPS units used by geological surveyors mapping remote areas. Utility companies rely on its steady output for the long-term metering of electricity and water usage. The battery's resilience to extreme environmental conditions also makes it a trusted source for tracking devices in wildlife conservation efforts, which must endure varying climates. Hermetic sealing technology adds an extra layer of protection, safeguarding sensitive electronics against leaks and ensuring devices like emergency location beacons in aviation and maritime remain operational.

IMPORTANT NOTE: This AA battery is 3.6V which is a higher voltage than common household AA batteries. It is only to be used in equipment designed for it and will damage equipment requiring regular voltage AA batteries. It is NOT RECHARGEABLE and attempting to do so is extremely dangerous.

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Commodity/Tariff Code - 85065010

Country of Origin -France (FR)


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LS14500 Batteries
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Height: 51mm Diameter: 15 mm
Item Codes:
LS14500, CR14500, LSG14500, 14500
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Electronics > Electronics Accessories > Power > Batteries
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