SL-760 Batteries

These lithium batteries provide 3.6V in a AA-size package (14.5mm x 50.5mm) case. They are an extremely high-capacity (up to 2200mAh), single-use battery intended for special applications.

Typical uses for SL-760 batteries include tactical flashlights, remote monitoring stations, metering devices, automotive devices and other applications that require stable voltage over long periods of service. They are ideal for applications requiring extended service at low current drain with periods of higher demand. Their light weight makes them ideal for weight-sensitive applications, such as aerospace.

Do not attempt to put this battery into devices requiring a standard AA battery. They will more than likely be damaged.



Built on lithium/thionyl chloride technology, these batteries offer a non-flammable electrolyte, making them safer for unattended devices. They also have a very wide temperature tolerance, providing stable voltage at temperatures from -60C to +85C. Self-discharging is all but nonexistent, providing a shelf life of up to 10 years.

For demanding long-term service in extreme conditions these disposable batteries are an excellent choice. Storing replacements at remote sites is practical, due to the long shelf life and since these are single-use batteries, there’s no need to have charging facilities.