Tadiran SL-760 AA 3.6V Lithium Thionyl Chloride Battery | 1 Pack

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This 3.6V, AA lithium cell provides maximum output voltage faster than others, thanks to intelligent engineering by Tadiran, a world leader in portable power technology. Their lithium batteries have been proven in the aerospace, military and medical industries as well as other industrial applications worldwide. This single-use battery provides all the stability and versatility you expect from lithium-based cells, combined with enhanced start technology that provides full power immediately on startup. That shortens the wait to use high-demand devices and reduces the chance of under-voltage damage to components, while virtually eliminating cut-off due to low voltage when powering up those devices. It's an ideal power source for remote monitoring devices, RF applications, metering and sensing devices, security and automotive applications and other electronics that require stable power sources that deliver maximum voltage quickly.

Less sophisticated batteries in this class suffer from a slow ramp-up to maximum voltage on startup, and depending on the device, may experience a significant decrease in potential in response to the current spike on startup of some electronics. Tadiran's technology overcomes this obstacle with a denser protective layer on the anode surface in this line of batteries. To the layman, this means maximum output is reached faster when a load is applied, even when the load momentarily places a high current demand on the battery. The result is faster, more reliable operation of the devices powered by these cells. The battery can be stored for up to 3 years without a significant decrease in this capability.

The lithium-thionyl chloride SL-760 is lighter than conventional compositions and maintains consistently higher output voltage throughout the useful life of the battery. A non-flammable electrolyte also makes this a safer power source than many similar cells. That's an important consideration in remotely located devices that may be subject to unexpected conditions.

Whether your application is in the automotive, science, service or other industry, this is an excellent single-use power source for any devices that require full power immediately on power-up. With the reputation of a globally-known technology leader, you'd be hard pressed to find a more durable and reliable source of stable power for high-demand electronics. Upgrade your devices with these enhanced lithium batteries today.

Please Note: This AA Battery has a voltage of 3.6V.


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SL-760 Batteries
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Lithium Thionyl Chloride
Height: 14.7 mm Diameter: 50.5mm
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