Panasonic Zinc C LR14 Batteries | 24 Pack

Item Codes:
C, LR14, MN1400, LR14/L, AM2, 4014, AM-2, BABY
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1,200.00 Grams
  • Panasonic Zinc C LR14 Batteries | 24 Pack
  • Panasonic Zinc C LR14 Batteries | 24 Pack
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Unlock the power of reliable and cost-effective energy with Panasonic Zinc C LR14 Batteries, tailored to meet the demands of both businesses and consumer customers. This 24-pack of batteries offers a practical solution for a wide range of devices, ensuring consistent performance and value for money.

Key Features:

  • Device Compatibility: Panasonic Zinc C LR14 Batteries are perfectly sized for essential business and household devices. They power low-drain devices like portable radios, musical instruments, and toys, providing steady energy output for your everyday needs.
  • Bulk Packaging: The 24-pack offers an economical choice for businesses and consumers alike, ensuring a ready supply of batteries for various devices without frequent repurchasing.
  • Safe and Reliable: Designed with safety in mind, these batteries are built to prevent leakage and minimize the risk of damage to your devices.
  • Eco-Friendly Choice: Committed to environmental sustainability, Panasonic ensures that these batteries are responsibly manufactured.

Specific Devices:

  • Portable Audio Devices: Perfect for battery-operated radios and music players, ensuring uninterrupted entertainment.
  • Educational Toys: Ideal for powering children's learning gadgets and interactive toys, providing hours of educational fun.
  • Musical Instruments: Essential for electronic musical instruments like portable keyboards, offering consistent performance during practices or performances.
  • Emergency Equipment: Reliable for emergency devices like flashlights and portable radios, crucial during power outages or outdoor adventures.

Technical Specifications:

  • Battery Type: Zinc Carbon
  • Size: C (LR14)
  • Voltage: 1.5V
  • Package Quantity: 24 batteries
  • Recommended for medium-drain devices

Understanding Zinc Carbon Battery Technology Zinc Carbon battery technology, as utilized in Panasonic Zinc C LR14 Batteries, represents a low-cost, low-performance option in the battery market. While offering an economical solution for powering various devices, users should set their expectations appropriately, as these batteries deliver a much lower performance compared to their alkaline counterparts. This technology is ideal for devices with lower power requirements, ensuring a balance between cost-effectiveness and functional efficiency.

Export Information

Commodity/Tariff Code - 85061091

Country of Origin -Poland (PL)


Battery Size:
C Batteries
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Battery Technology:
Zinc Carbon
Height: 50mm Diameter: 26 mm
Item Codes:
C, LR14, MN1400, LR14/L, AM2, 4014, AM-2, BABY
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Panasonic Zinc
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Electronics > Electronics Accessories > Power > Batteries
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Electronics > Electronics Accessories > Power > Batteries
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