Rechargeable Batteries

Rechargeable batteries and battery chargers are a no brainer decision for the vast majority of applications and uses. The initial price tag is higher, but the overall savings are very easy to add up. A rechargeable battery is on average, good for 1000 recycles. Higher capacities and low self-discharge technology is increasing the time between charges and further improving the savings.

Did you Know?

A High Quality Battery Charger with 4 x AA batteries costs £20. The electricity cost of charging 4 X AA batteries is around 1p. So for 1000 cycles of 4 x AA batteries, the total cost is £30.

Compare that to:

A High quality brand of 4 x AA batteries costs around £2.50 (Discounted) - it can be up to £5 in a large store. 1000 x £2.50 = £2500

Over the life of these batteries, you will save around £2470.