Eneloop Rechargeable Batteries

Although most widely known for its cell phones and other household electronics, Sanyo has helped pioneer many technological advances in the battery industry. Their Eneloop line of batteries was created to provide consumers with a series of rechargeable batteries with an extremely low self-discharge rate.

After a recent takeover Panasonic now manufacture the Eneloop range, and continue to produce premium rechargeable batteries.

Thanks to up to 85% charge retention over a full year in storage, Eneloop pre-charged batteries allow you to keep spares on hand and in your devices longer. Panasonic also helps you do your part for the environment by pre-charging Eneloop batteries with solar power.

High-capacity versions of these NiMH batteries are available in standard sizes (Sanyo Eneloop XX AAA and Panasonic Eneloop Pro AA) as well as extended life cells that can withstand as many as 2100 charging and discharging cycles before replacement is required.

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