GP Hi-Power Rechargeable Batteries

Shipped in packs of 4, the Hi-Power range of GP batteries are available as AA or AAA cells. GP are a company that manufactures power cells that are environmentally friendly and these rechargeable batteries no exception. With a power capacity of 950mAh and 2600mAh these cells have been developed using NiMH technology and will deliver relieable power over many hundreds of recharging cycles. Because they can be recharged over and over again with no drop in energy levels they are an inexpensive and greener way to power your electric gadgets. No memory effect enables you to recharge safely at any stage of the battery's cycle without harming the life or capacity of the battery.

With a low discharge rate when stored and the ability to deliver a steady flow of energy even when not fully charged, the GB HI-Power range is perfect for children's toys, clocks and many types of remote control units. The can also be used in power hungery devices such as cameras and flashes. These AA and AAA cells will give you years of cheap, clean energy that is so much more economical than disposable cells.

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