Varta Toy Rechargeable Batteries

These quality NiMH batteries by Varta are available in 2400mAh AA and 800mAh AAA sizes, and they are a direct replacement for the batteries in many children's toys.

Toys consume batteries at an alarming rate, and buying replacement batteries can be both expensive and time-consuming. The NiMH technology used in these rechargeable batteries means that they have a much superior durability over standard alkaline batteries, and their performance remains stable even at a low state of charge.

They have no issues with 'memory effect', so recharging will bring them up to a fully-charged state from any point in the discharge cycle. In addition to children's toys, these batteries are suitable for electronic equipment such as remote controls, clocks, torches, keyboards and computer mice.

These batteries are supplied in a 4-pack for economy. This means that one pair can be recharged whilst the others are in use, saving money over time. They are ideal for buying in bulk, as they will still retain 70 per cent of their charge after being stored for up to two years.

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