3LR12 MN1203 4.5V Batteries

3LR12 Batteries are used in a variety of lighting applications. This battery is used in lanterns, headlamps, torches, and bike lamps. It is also a replacement battery that can be used in RC aeroplanes . The MN1203 battery has a long life and provides an economical replacement for other battery models that offer less power. With this battery you can rest assured that your light will have the power it needs even in the darkest of situations. Made with durable materials and the ability of a long shelf life, you can stock up now and keep a ready supply available.



3LR12 batteries are 67mm in height, 22mm in width and 62mm in length with 4.5 volts power. These batteries have a 6100mAh capacity with a strip terminal type. The positive strip measures 19x6mm and the negative strip measures 30x6mm.

The MN1203 battery operates in a temperature range from -20C to 50C. The 3LR12 battery has an alkaline chemistry that is a significant improvement when compared to Zinc-Carbon and Zinc Chloride equivalents.