Eveready PJ996 4R25 6V Lantern Battery | 1 Pack

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Product Description

Eveready (formerly Ever Ready) has been a household name in batteries for more than a century and their brand is still among the best known worldwide. With that kind of experience behind them and a reputation to uphold, you can trust that even their most basic products are manufactured to meet the highest standards. This standard-duty, 6V lantern battery is an inexpensive, single-use dry cell designed for use in camping lanterns and certain industrial devices, and is a popular choice for hobbyists. For medium-demand applications that need an inexpensive and easily replaced 6V power supply, this disposable battery is an economical choice.

The zinc-carbon composition of this dry cell was the earliest practical composition and is still cheaper to manufacture than alkaline or rechargeable cells. They also contain no mercury or cadmium, which makes them less harmful to the environment. This large, rectangular cell is developed specifically for use in lantern-style torches, and has dual, top-mounted spring contacts to facilitate quick changing. Unlike metal and cardboard versions of this battery, this one is encased in a plastic shell, to help prevent moisture and corrosion problems.

Although bulkier and heavier than some alternatives, lantern torches are still a good choice for camping and boating, since they throw a wide, bright beam and many waterproof, floating models are available. High-output LED versions are now available to replace less efficient styles, as well. Road crews and utility workers commonly use lanterns that require this battery style and these cells are a common backup battery in many industrial applications. For any low-demand, infrequently-used devices that support this case style, you'll appreciate the low price and high quality this Eveready battery offers.

Technical Specification & Downloads

SKU EVE-AB-02172
Manufacturer Part Number PJ996EVERREADY
EAN Code 5010419043517
Weight (g) 580.0000
Chemistry Zinc Carbon
Units per box/card 1
Voltage 6V
Dimensions (mm) Height: 110mm Width: 67mm Length: 67mm
RRP Per Box £4.99
Item Codes PJ996, 4R25