PX28L 4LR44 Batteries

These batteries give you the highest level of reliability so that your device is always ready when you need it. PX28L and 4LR44 are batteries that you can rely on to provide power for even your highest powered electronics.

These batteries are used in many different brands of cameras; normally the 35mm SLR and the 35mm point & shoot. They are also used in some anti-bark dog collars and in invisible fencing. These powerful batteries work perfectly to power garage door openers and certain medical equipment, like glucometers. Instead of relying on batteries that quickly lose their power, this brand of batteries is meant to last, with durable materials that will provide much more power than many of the common batteries on the market today.



The PX28L battery has a cylindrical shape that looks like an extra thick AA battery but half its height. It is widely used in small electronic devices such as cameras, electronic dog collars, and some fence systems.

4LR44 batteries measure 13.0 mm in diameter and 25.2 mm in height. This 6 volt in voltage battery is also known as 476A and PX28L. It uses lithium technology which can last up to ten years at 21C with its low self-discharge rate.

The 4LR44 battery replaced the original PX28 due to its mercury content, which are no longer manufactured because of toxicity. It also replaces Silver Oxide cells of the same directions. PX28L batteries are mercury free and are proven to strictly comply with the high standards of quality and durability set by manufacturers.