Zinc Carbon Batteries

Zinc carbon batteries are great for price-conscious consumers who want to power compatible gadgets for less. Designed for use in low-drain devices, such as battery-operated toys and remote controls, zinc carbon batteries don’t usually last as long as their higher-priced, alkaline alternatives, but they are extremely cheap and practical.

The first zinc carbon batteries were produced in the 1800s by George Leclanché, a French scientist, and cells produced using the method he designed were also known as Leclanché cells. More recently, manufacturers developed a new chemical make-up, incorporating zinc chloride, to produce zinc carbon cells with slightly higher capacities. To distinguish these new batteries from lower-capacity Leclanché cells, they were often labelled as ‘Heavy Duty’ zinc carbon batteries. You’ll still find many zinc chloride cells referred to by this name today.

Zinc carbon batteries are affordable, convenient and also often have long shelf lives, making them excellent options for your store cupboard. They are available in a range of different sizes, including 9V, AAA, AA, C and D. We stock a superb selection of zinc carbon batteries from leading manufacturers, including Sony.