Ansmann Batteries

From its start as a “garage-based” company, Ansmann has built a worldwide reputation as a leader in the design and manufacture of rugged, dependable batteries and accessories. Our extensive range of Ansmann products includes a variety of disposable and rechargeable batteries as well as battery chargers and battery testers.

We stock a very broad range of Ansmann disposable and rechargeable batteries in an assortment of sizes including AA, AAA, C, D, and 9V as well as button style, coin style and more specialist cells. Our rechargeable Ansmann batteries contain state-of-the-art lithium or NiMH chemistry, delivering high performance and reliable power whenever you need it.



Our Ansmann battery charger collection features an intelligent selection of versatile chargers ranging from our entry level Ansmann Photocam 3, which is far from basic, to the Ansmann Energy 16 speed charger which is capable of charging up to 12 AAA or AA, 6 C or D and 2 9V cells. We also sell Ansmann battery pack chargers, perfect for use with the power sources of high drain devices such as RC cars. Using a top quality Ansmann charger will help you get the best out of your rechargeable batteries, as well as extending their lifecycle.

Ansmann battery testers are incredibly convenient and easy to use. Using a battery tester ensures that you don’t waste power and can help you free up space by getting rid of empty cells. Our range includes the handy Ansmann Simple battery tester which is compatible with the most common sizes and gives a clear ‘REPLACE’ , ‘LOW’, ‘GOOD’ output, the hand held Ansmann Energy Check tester which is compatible with both primary and rechargeable cells, and finally the cutting-edge Ansmann Smart LCD battery tester which tells you precisely how much power your cells have left.