Torch Batteries

Torches or flashlights are a necessity in every household and business. Today’s market is swarming with torches of every shape and size, from miniature penlights to multi-cell torches for police and security personnel, to tactical flashlights for military, paramilitary and survival use. Let’s not forget, too, that there are a wide range of light sources in modern torches: High power LED, multiple LED and incandescent lamps in an array of sizes.

Supplying power for these torches means choosing from an equally diverse selection of single-use, disposable batteries or rechargeable batteries to match your specific torch and its use. Torch batteries may come in the form of button cells, AA, AAA, C, D, or 9V, as well as less standard sizes, such as 2/3AAA or AAA. In terms of chemistry, the way you use your lights makes a difference in the type of battery you’ll want to choose.



Battery Station’s wide selection of torch batteries assures our customers of finding the right battery for their size and type of torch as well as the application it’s used for, from headlamps to specialist torches. Search our inventory by brand name, application, or individual product.