390/389 (SR1130) Watch Batteries

These large-case button batteries are a replacement for 390 and 389 watch batteries and can be used in both high and low drain devices. They are also direct replacements for SR1130SW, AG10, SR54, RW39, D390, V390(534), 28024, SB-AU, 389, SR1130W, SR54W, RW49, D389, V389(554), 28015, SB-BU batteries.

The silver oxide-based cells measure 11.6mm x 3.05mm. They deliver 1.55V, with a capacity of approximately 80mAh.

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  • Energizer 390 / 389 AG10 SR1130W Watch Battery | 1 Pack


    The 390/389 Watch Battery from Energizer is a best in class replacement for a number of watch batteries including legacy 390 and 389 batteries. Due to clever multi-drain technology, this battery can replace both high and low drain variants making it safe...
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