Energizer 390 / 389 AG10 SR1130W Watch Battery | 1 Pack

Item Codes:
390, SR1130SW, AG10, SR54, RW39, D390, V390(534), 28024, SB-AU, 389, SR1130W, SR54W, RW49, D389, V389(554), 28015, SB-BU
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Energizer 390 / 389 AG10 SR1130W Watch Battery is available in a single pack, embodying the perfect blend of reliability and performance for watch enthusiasts and everyday users alike. This battery is specifically tailored to meet the demands of various watch types, ensuring that time is kept with unwavering precision. Its 1.55V output is ideally suited for watches that not only tell time but also support additional features like date displays, backlights, or even dual time zones.

Key Benefits:

  • Consistent Voltage Output: Provides a stable 1.55V, necessary for maintaining the accuracy of timepieces.
  • Enhanced Longevity: Known for its extended life, reducing the need for frequent battery changes.
  • Universal Compatibility: Suitable for a wide range of watch models, from classic analogs to modern digitals.
  • Trusted Energizer Quality: Synonymous with superior battery technology and reliability.
  • Practical Single-Pack Sale: Ideal for individual watch owners seeking an efficient battery replacement solution.

Main Uses:

  • Sophisticated Dress Watches: Ideal for powering high-end dress watches that are often worn in professional or formal settings.
  • Multifunction Watches: Keeps multifunction watches, with features like calendars and moon phases, running flawlessly.
  • Outdoor and Adventure Watches: Reliable for watches used in outdoor activities, ensuring performance in diverse conditions.
  • Slim and Fashionable Watches: Perfect for the latest fashion watches where style meets functionality.
  • Collector’s Timepieces: Essential for maintaining the performance of collectible watches, preserving their value and function.
  • Daily Wear Analog Watches: Powers everyday analog watches that are central to many people’s daily routines.

Incorporating the Energizer 390 / 389 AG10 SR1130W Watch Battery into your timekeeping device is a commitment to ensuring every moment is captured accurately. With its 1.55V, this battery is a key component in the seamless operation of a wide array of watches, from the elegantly simple to the feature-rich. Energizer's focus on providing a high-quality, single-pack battery option reflects an understanding of the modern watch wearer's need for convenience and precision in their timekeeping tools.

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Commodity/Tariff Code - 85064000

Country of Origin -USA (US)


Battery Size:
390/389 Batteries
EAN Number:
Battery Technology:
Silver Oxide
Diameter: 11.6mm Height: 3.0mm
Item Codes:
390, SR1130SW, AG10, SR54, RW39, D390, V390(534), 28024, SB-AU, 389, SR1130W, SR54W, RW49, D389, V389(554), 28015, SB-BU
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Electronics > Electronics Accessories > Power > Batteries
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