CR2025 Coin Cells

The CR2025 battery provides a replacement battery for many different sports watch brands. It also works well for remotes, key fobs, calculators, medical devices and instruments, and even smaller toys and electronic books. This battery is crafted to meet the demands of today's high-energy devices and works well in all types of temperatures. CR2025 Coin Cells have recently found themselves being widely used in television 3D glasses.

The CR2025 is made with advanced construction that allows it to last much longer than other common batteries. This battery will enhance the performance of your device and give you more power than you dreamed possible. With a very long shelf life, you may want to stock up to make sure you have plenty on hand.



They are also known as BR2025 (IEC name) and DL2025 batteries. DL2025 batteries are designed to replace CR2025 in a number of small devices such as calculators. 2025 batteries have an ANSI/NEDA name of 5003LC battery.

The 2025 battery is a non-rechargeable battery with dimensions of 20mm in diameter and 2.5mm in height with 3.0 volts power. This battery has a typical capacity of 160 - 165mAh with a flat battery terminal. It operates in temperatures ranging from -20C to +60C. It also has a low self-discharge rate and can lasts longer than silver-oxide batteries. These coin batteries use lithium manganese dioxide technology with superior storage capacity.