GP CR2025 Coin Cell Batteries | 1 Pack

Item Codes:
DL2025, CR2025, SCR2025, 2025, EA100CF, ECR2025, KL2025,
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GP CR2025 Coin Cell Batteries | 1 Pack is precision-engineered to provide stable and enduring power for a wide variety of thin electronic devices, directly addressing the rigorous power demands of sectors including manufacturing, services, and facilities management. This single pack contains one GP CR2025 coin cell battery, which has been developed to offer reliable and long-term energy in a sleek design. Representing GP's excellence in innovation and quality, this battery is an optimal selection for businesses looking for a power solution that is both compact and offers lasting efficiency.

Main Features:

  • Steady Power Supply: Crafted to ensure a consistent and dependable energy output, enabling devices to function at their best.
  • Universal Compatibility: Ideally suited for an extensive range of small electronic devices, facilitating smooth and continuous operation.
  • Durable Performance: Designed with longevity in mind, significantly reducing the frequency of battery replacements and maintenance.
  • Leakage Resistant Technology: Employs advanced technology to reduce leakage risks, thus safeguarding devices and extending their operational life.
  • Eco-Friendly Production: Committed to minimizing the environmental footprint through sustainable manufacturing practices, while still delivering exceptional battery efficiency.


Technical Specifications:

  • Battery Type: Lithium Coin
  • Voltage: 3V
  • Diameter: 20mm
  • Height: 2.5mm
  • Weight: Approximately 2.4 grams
  • Pack Quantity: 1 battery
  • Alternative Codes: ECR2025, BR2025, DL2025


Common Uses:

GP CR2025 Coin Cell Batteries | 1 Pack is superbly designed for powering a diverse assortment of devices, such as:

  • Health and Fitness Devices: activity trackers, sports watches, and health monitoring devices.
  • Personal Electronics: handheld games, digital watches, and calculators.
  • Security Tools: garage door openers, car key fobs, and small alarm sensors.
  • Lighting Instruments: compact LED flashlights, decorative lights, and electronic candles.
  • Office and Home Gadgets: remote controls, electronic organizers, and digital thermometers.

GP CR2025 Coin Cell Batteries | 1 Pack emerges as the premier choice for businesses in need of a reliable, slim, and environmentally responsible power source for their electronic devices. With GP’s commitment to innovation and eco-friendly practices, this battery ensures your devices are powered efficiently, bolstering the operational excellence and environmental objectives of your company. Whether it’s for wearable technology, security devices, or personal electronics, GP CR2025 batteries provide the crucial power performance and longevity required by today’s professional settings.

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Commodity/Tariff Code -85065030

Country of Origin -Japan (JP)


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CR2025 Batteries
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Diameter: 20mm Height: 2.5mm
Item Codes:
DL2025, CR2025, SCR2025, 2025, EA100CF, ECR2025, KL2025,
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