Energizer CR2 Lithium Battery | 2 Pack

Product code(s): CR15270, CR2, DLCR2, EL1CR2, ELCR2, VCR2NP, KCR2, CR-2EP, CR15H270, CR2L

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Product Description

This sealed twin pack of Energizer CR2 lithium batteries contains two new 3V lithium/manganese dioxide (Li/MnO2) cells with an IEC-CR2 chemical system that delivers powerful current. Energizer CR2 cells are suitable for use in high-drain devices such as digital cameras, flash photography units and other small electronic assemblies; photographers can rely on dependable, long-lasting Energizer power including in extremely cold snow or hot desert environments (from minus 40 degrees up to 60 degrees Celsius).

Featuring a flatter, more stable and longer discharge curve, CR2 Energizer batteries last up to ten years and seven times longer than their alkaline equivalents, thereby reducing inconvenient frequent replacements. Cell nominal voltage is 3.0 Volts with a typical current capacity of 800 mA/h (down to 2.0 volts potential difference). Maximum discharge rate is 1000 mA (continuous) or 2,500 mA for momentary pulses.

These cells weigh 11 grammes and measure 15.6 millimetres by 27 millimetres. Energizer CR2 cells may also be used in devices which specify CR15270, CR2L, CR-2EP, CR15H270, DLCR2, EL1CR2, ELCR2, VCR2NP and KCR2 replacement battery sizes.

Technical Specification & Downloads

SKU ENE-LB-02897
EAN Code 7638900169331
Weight (g) 30.0000
Chemistry Lithium
Units per box/card 2
Voltage 3V
Dimensions (mm) Diameter: 15.6mm Height: 27mm
Item Codes CR15270, CR2, DLCR2, EL1CR2, ELCR2, VCR2NP, KCR2, CR-2EP, CR15H270, CR2L