Energizer CR2 Lithium Battery | 1 Pack

Item Codes:
CR15270, CR2, DLCR2, EL1CR2, ELCR2, VCR2NP, KCR2, CR-2EP, CR15H270, CR2L
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17.00 Grams
  • Energizer CR2 Lithium Battery | 1 Pack
  • Energizer CR2 Lithium Battery | 1 Pack
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The Energizer CR2 Lithium Battery is a robust and reliable power source, designed to keep your essential devices running efficiently. This compact, high-energy battery is perfect for powering a wide range of electronic devices, ensuring that they operate at their optimal performance level. Its long-lasting and stable energy output makes it an ideal choice for both business and consumer applications, where consistent power is paramount.

Key Features:

  • Long-Lasting Performance: The Energizer CR2 is renowned for its extended lifespan, providing reliable power over a prolonged period. This makes it a cost-effective solution for devices that require consistent energy.
  • Wide Compatibility: Perfectly suited for a variety of devices, including digital cameras, flashlights, home security systems, and more, this battery is incredibly versatile.
  • High Energy Output: With its lithium technology, the CR2 delivers a high energy output, ensuring that your devices function at their best, even under demanding conditions.
  • Stable in Extreme Conditions: Reliable in a range of environmental conditions, the Energizer CR2 operates effectively in both high and low temperatures, making it suitable for outdoor and indoor use.
  • Alternative Codes: Known also as DLCR2, ELCR2, and 1CR2, this battery is easily identifiable and can be used as a replacement for these codes, ensuring you always find the right fit for your devices.

Applications: The Energizer CR2 Lithium Battery is the ideal power source for a multitude of devices. Its compatibility extends to:

  • Digital Cameras: Providing the endurance needed for extended photo sessions.
  • High-Powered Flashlights: Ensuring a reliable light source in critical situations.
  • Home Security Devices: Keeping your security cameras and sensors active around the clock.
  • Laser Sights and Tactical Gear: Essential for law enforcement and outdoor enthusiasts.
  • Smart Home Devices: Powering the next generation of home automation gadgets.

Technical Specifications:

  • Battery Type: Lithium
  • Dimensions: 27mm x 15.6mm
  • Weight: Approximately 11 grams
  • Shelf Life: 10 years

The Energizer CR2 Lithium Battery is a testament to high-quality engineering, providing dependable power to a wide array of devices. Its versatility, coupled with its long shelf life, makes it a top choice for both businesses and consumers looking for a reliable battery solution. With its compatibility across multiple devices and extreme condition resilience, the Energizer CR2 stands as a premier choice for powering your essential electronics.

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Commodity/Tariff Code - 85065030

Country of Origin -Indonesia (ID)


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CR2 Batteries
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Diameter: 15.6mm Height: 27mm
Item Codes:
CR15270, CR2, DLCR2, EL1CR2, ELCR2, VCR2NP, KCR2, CR-2EP, CR15H270, CR2L
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