GP Batteries

GP Batteries International Limited manufactures OEM products for electronics manufacturers and replacement batteries for consumer goods world-wide. Their line of portable power solutions includes batteries in virtually every chemistry as well as emerging technologies.

GP’s motto of “Powering a Greener Tomorrow” represents their commitment to sound ecological practices and products. This is reflected in their long-life alkaline batteries as well as their ReCyko+ line of pre-charged, high-cycle, low self-discharge, rechargeable cells.


  1. GPU211 USB Battery Charger inc 2xAA & 2xAAA Batteries

    Battery Chargers

    This sleek and innovative GP Power Bank USB battery charger comes in a sealed pack with four new nickel...

    £4.25 (£3.54 ex. VAT)
  2. GP PB330 Battery Charger inc 2x AA 1000mAh Recyko+ Batteries

    Battery Chargers

    Offering you a convenient, cost-effective and highly portable battery power solution, the GP Powerbank...

    £5.95 (£4.96 ex. VAT)