Maxell CR1216 Coin Cell Battery | 1 Pack

Item Codes:
CR1216, BR1216, DL1216, L40, ECR1216, 1216
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The Maxell CR1216 Coin Cell Battery is a fundamental power resource for industries engaged in manufacturing, services, and facilities management. This battery merges a compact design with significant energy capacity, ensuring electronic devices are energized to perform efficiently and reliably. Tailored for scenarios necessitating a small but potent power source, the Maxell CR1216 facilitates uninterrupted business operations, contributing to enhanced productivity and streamlined operational efficiency.

Key Features:

  • Steady Energy Supply: The Maxell CR1216 is renowned for delivering a consistent and dependable energy supply, crucial for devices that require persistent power for extended periods.
  • Compact Energy Solution: Providing a robust energy solution within a small footprint, this battery enables the development of devices that are both space-efficient and powerful.
  • Temperature Versatility: Capable of operating seamlessly across a temperature range from -20°C to +70°C, it ensures devices maintain optimal performance in diverse conditions.
  • Premium Leakage Resistance: Manufactured with advanced technology, the Maxell CR1216 exhibits exceptional resistance to leakage, enhancing the safety of devices and extending their usable life.
  • Wide-Ranging Compatibility: Recognizable as DL1216, ECR1216, and BR1216, this battery is designed for easy integration into a multitude of devices, simplifying maintenance and replacement processes.
  • Optimal Form and Lightweight: Measuring 12mm in diameter and 1.6mm in height, and weighing just about 0.9 grams, the CR1216 represents the ideal synthesis of compactness and energy efficiency.

Main Applications:

The Maxell CR1216 Coin Cell Battery powers an extensive array of devices, essential for ensuring the smooth functioning of modern businesses:

  • Electronic Wearables: Ideal for fueling wearable technology like sports and fitness trackers, smartwatches, and electronic jewelry.
  • Health Monitoring Tools: Powers a variety of health monitoring devices, including wearable sensors, digital thermometers, and compact blood pressure monitors.
  • Automotive Electronics: Utilized in vehicle remote controls, electronic car keys, and small in-car gadgets, where consistent energy is critical.
  • Office and Computing Devices: Perfect for small office gadgets, including wireless presentation remotes, security tokens, and portable electronic organizers.
  • Entertainment and Leisure Gadgets: Essential for powering electronic toys, portable gaming consoles, and novelty LED accessories.

The Maxell CR1216 Coin Cell Battery is crucial for businesses aiming to maintain seamless and efficient operation of their electronic devices. Its ability to energize a diverse range of applications, from innovative wearable technology to essential health monitoring tools, highlights its versatility and importance in ensuring operational continuity. With its reliable power output, capability to perform across various temperatures, enhanced leakage protection, and the perfect combination of small size with high energy output, the Maxell CR1216 is a strategic choice for businesses looking to optimize device functionality and reduce the necessity for frequent battery replacements, thus effectively managing operational expenses.

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Commodity/Tariff Code - 85065030

Country of Origin -Japan (JP)


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CR1216 Batteries
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Diameter: 12.5mm Height: 1.6mm
Item Codes:
CR1216, BR1216, DL1216, L40, ECR1216, 1216
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