Duracell Plus Power Batteries

It is common to hear customers ask if a battery brand 'will last as long as Duracell'. With out realising it they are probably referring to the Duracell Plus range of Batteries.

Duracell Plus batteries provide long lasting, reliable power. These versatile batteries work perfectly with a multitude of medium to low drain gadgets, ranging from remote controls to torches to electric toothbrushes. These batteries have been intelligently designed to provide a high-quality, market leading power source. They feature the latest super conductive graphite technology and every individual battery is tested for voltage and leakage.

Duracell Plus single use batteries are kinder to the environment than older technology primary (disposable) alkaline cells. They contain no toxic mercury and have been granted the Nordic Swan certification. Furthermore their long lifetime means that ultimately fewer batteries have to be disposed of, and all packaging is made of 85% recycled cardboard.

We stock Duracell Plus batteries in the most commonly used sizes – AA, AAA, C, D and 9V. We are also able to offer excellent value for money with our bulk AA and AAA, 9V packs.